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Stage lighting is the type of lighting that is used in the production of theatre and other performance arts. Stage lighting in modern times includes the use of special effects such as lasers and even fog machines. The term lighting designer of a technician is a term that is used to define people who work on stage lighting. There are a number of equipment that is used in stage lighting. These instruments are used in illuminating concerts and other performances that are taking place in the live performance venues. Furthermore, these stage lighting instruments can also be used in lighting televisions and sound stages. All stag lighting instruments have the following components.

Here at Watt Power Systems we specialize in providing complete stage lighting systems. We provide any level of service required, from providing a “turn key” lighting system based on your specifications to designing entire systems from the ground up. Based in Pune Maharastra, we serve all over India.

Type of Stage Lighting


Our staff checks each light fixture and every piece of equipment, making sure they are ready for dispatch to site. By investing the time in preparation, we solve issues before they arise, saving both money and time at the site or on the day of the event.

Technical Expertise

Here at Watt Power Systems, we ensure that all our staff has the skills and knowledge to operate and repair every piece of technology needed for the venue. Our staff can quickly diagnose and repair any technical hurdle.

On-Site Management

Whether working with our own team of lighting technicians or using local labor, we have the experience to direct and manage large teams to get a show set up quickly and correctly. Our lead technicians will make sure you never have to micromanage the staff, once the design details have been decided, we’ll take it from there.

Lighting Operators

Our in-house lighting operators have years of experience with most major lighting consoles, along with the skill, timing, and precision required to get the most out of your system. Our operators ensure that every event is professionally run, and can work with other operators, designers, and other departments to make sure your show runs smoothly.

Lighting Designers

With decades of experience, our designers have worked on every type of event imaginable. Working with the production heads and other departments, our designers will create lighting systems that fill your vision, fit your budget, and create the impact you’re looking for. With expertise in international tours, corporate events, concerts, house of worship, trade shows, and parties, we’ll work with you, with whatever level of involvement, to create the right design.